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about us
Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited. We are the leading service provider of web service, E-marketing service and system customization and integration service for all SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise). We require every businesses to gain worthiness of IT usage that is changeable all the time, along with satisfaction and maximum profit of every organization from our service that lives up to suggesting about service and solution which are proper to size and budget of client’s business mainly.


Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited was established on August, 2004 by experienced executive and staffs on web technology service. Today, we have four services which are web site hosting service, E-business solution, system customization and Integration Service, and E-Marketing Service that can serve for demand of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) with efficient service that can measure our success by every classes of clients’ high satisfaction standard.


We intend to be the leader of new innovation for marketing on new age that supplies demand of every customer and business class. They will get worthy, convenience and quick service. Moreover, we want to build business stability together for maximum benefits and guarantee both domestic and international marketing growth of the business.


With our first-class international standard service on web site hosting service, E-business solution, system customization and integration service, and E-marketing Service, we can give credibility and confidence to our clients on our excellent service, expert on business service and the best adviser on service and solution for the business until we are named from our clients, both private company and leading organization that “we are the hosting company in their heart, forever”


Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited has undertaken by visions and missions as following:

Credibility: We will make a confidence and credibility on web technology to clients.

Integrity: We will regard to customer’s privilege and also respect on the customers’ confidentiality the first.

Synergy: Our executives and staff will cooperate for company’s success.

Customer Focus: We will give service for customers’ maximum benefit and satisfaction.

Innovation: We will create and develop our products and services which are unique and prominent so that serve every the customers’ demands in the future.

DBD Verified Award Support our clients’ confidence with international standard award.

dbd verified

Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited has gotten a prize of DBD Verified, credibility guarantee reward on electronic business act from Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. Therefore, you can be sure that www.chaiyohosting.com is a reliable website because our website is completely qualified website for specification of Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce that are :

  1. Operational Transparency
  2. Advertising and Marketing Practices
  3. Adequate and Timely Information About Offers
  4. Acknowledgement of Order and Fulfillment
  5. Transactional Security
  6. Consumer Privacy
  7. Consumer Inquiries and Complaints
  8. Protection of Children

CMMI Level 3 Our company has been the first company of Thailand that is qualified for CMMI-DEV (CMMI for Development), V1.3 Level 3

cmmi level 3

Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited focuses on customer satisfaction the first. Mr. Anuphong Krailipikorn, The Managing Director of Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited has projected to modify process of software development in the company to be international standard by cost of quality for more efficient and better products and can supply our clients’ requirement. We have chosen CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) for our software development standard that is popular for worldwide software development companies and Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited is supported by government sector on SPI@ease II that is the first project of Thailand which was qualified for CMMI-DEV (CMMI for Development), V1.3 Level 3 in 2012.

Qualified for ISO/IEC 29110

ISO/IEC 29110

We are ready to service the best for the highest satisfaction of our clients by international standard working system, ISO/IEC 29110. This standard is qualified for software development process according to software engineering on standard of ISO/IEC 29110, no.TH/IF/29110/00032/2012. This standard can reinforce an advantage of every organization on international competition, support Thai software industry to grow efficiently and boost Thai software industry to be equivalent to international standard beneath Thai Industrial Supporting and Development project of ministry of ICT.

Standard ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSMS)

ISO/IEC 20000

Have been certified standards of IT services ITSMS No.TH/8724.

One-Stop Services for Web Technology Boost your efficiency of business competition to be overwhelming success! With our services as following:

web hosting service
1. Web Hosting Service
  • Hosting : Server rental service is for store data of website and displays the data on website.
  • Domain Name : Our domain name registration service is the partnership from accredit of www.tucows.com which is possessed own trademark from Canada and U.S.A.
  • Web Design : Web design service, both Thai and English Version with HTML, Flash and Animation.
  • Dedicated Server : Dedicated server service for the enterprise or E-commerce business that would like to get high security, unlimited data sending rate and reasonable cost.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) : Virtual private server (VPS) or virtual dedicate server (VDS) or sometime called VPS hosting is a service that models operation of one server to becomes another which have many dedicated servers working on Linux and Window operating system, each server may be modeled with many virtual private servers (VPSs) and each virtual private server (VPS) is divided to control by main server.
2. E-Business Service

One stop service for the entrepreneur who wants to occupy own website for the successful of business.

Our E-Business Service is:

  • Chaiyo Ready Web : If you want to occupy your own website, we are ready at your service with Chaiyo Ready Web. Only 5 minutes, you can occupy your private website and domain name (you are named your website name by yourself) too. You don’t need to have the knowledge of website developing before.
  • E-mail Plan : unlimited account conveying E-mail service is suitable for the person who have no data on website, but want to use E-mail under their domain name.
3. E-Commerce Service

One Stop Service and Variety. When you want to have online shop,

our E-Commerce Service are:

  • Chaiyo Ready Market (Shopping Cart) : System for build online shop.
  • SSL Certificate : Service to security guarantee of data on website.
  • Chaiyo Pay (E-Payment) : We are one of 67 entrepreneurs that have allowance from Ministry of Information and Communication Technology about electronic payment gateway service. It can guarantee on electronic payment gateway service of Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited or “Chaiyo Pay”.
4. E- Marketing Service

Service to online marketing plan, promote websites to boost more knowing and more customer group.

Our E- Marketing Service is:

  • E- Mail Marketing : High efficient E-mail sending service.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : It is a service to boost your website on the top rank of the result of search engine by relevant keyword or the word to your business. About a result of search engine that is showed on the left of search engine, when the website is on the top rank of search engine, both on the first page (the rank of 1-10) and less than the second page (or the rank of 11-20), it means the website is the most popular website that users often visit. Website that is on the best rank, that website will has the most clicks and the website can boost most knowing and orders.
  • Google Adwords : It is an advertisement via search Engine by Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) that you must pay service charge to service provider, that is Google every time. When someone click to visit your website, your advertisement will appear follow your chosen keyword, it can guarantee that your website will be at your desirable sponsored position of Google.
  • Google AdSense : You can earn your money via advertisement of Google by taking Google Adwords to advertise via your website which must relate to your website, when someone click at the advertisement of Google via your website, you will gain some money from Google. That is an easy making money and suitable for content website.
Travel Web Technology Service
5. Travel Web Technology Service

Ready web for tourism, be comfortable every time when you travel. It is developed to supply for travel agencies with modern and ready web system that support the travel agencies to manage the website by themselves together with convenient options in website linking with leading website such as Agoda and Hotelclub via Affiliate Network or other travel agents for you and your customers convenient when you want to travel. It is ready at your service both domestic and international.

System Customization
6. System Customization and Integration Service

Design computer system service and applications following to the business requirement. And, design specific computer system service and website of each business or organization. Including to the application development follows by client’s requirement that will focus on functions, business process management and database management system. All three patterns of system development is emphasized design of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) for developed systems has integrated linking and control security of system efficiently, It is accessible, integrated and supplied every business requirements.

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