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Spam is a kind of Junk Mail. It is an E-mail that is sent to worldwide people. The spam is always come from the unknown sender who sent it to the unknown receiver. The most of spam are undesirable E-mails which have purpose on advertisement, promotion, public relation, donation or the other advertisement. These undesirable announcements make a bother for E-mail users if they are overmuch.

Spam is more dreadful than you think. Are you used to face these problems?

  • You must delete 100 spams daily.
  • Your customer sends an E-mail to you, but you don’t receive it!, where is it?
  • Your customer sends an E-mail to you, but why the e-mail is a junk e-mail.
  • You already have sent an E-mail to your customer, but the customer receives it an hour later.

Disadvantages of using hosting service that has a spam or a junk mail.

antispam time

1. Waste time and money of your organization.

The officers must waste many minutes for deleting more 100 spams daily, or the officer must quite waste about an hour for deleting them.

One officer : waste 10 minutes per 1 day for deleting more than 100 spams, if your organization has 10 officers. Therefore:
10 officers : waste 100 minutes per 1 day for deleting more 1000 spams. Therefore, in one week, your officers must waste 700 minutes or 11 hours!!! per 1 day for deleting them.

antispam spam

2. Make an annoyance for users

Waste time and destroy a concentration affect to lateness and continuity of working.
antipam mail

3. Take up much E-mail storage space

You must pay more expenses for data transmission in order to extent data space.

How is our spam and virus filtering system better than the other?

spam filter
spam filter
spam filter
spam filter
  • Double spam filtering and triple virus filtering, reduce 99.99% spam and virus. With high efficient Anti Virus + Anti Spam Filtering Gateway, as if you have a personal assistant for check and delete junk mail all the time.
  • Report a number of spams.You can set that the system will be reported hourly or any date and time.
  • Delete every language of spam.
  • Check and delete Spam + Virus for 24 hours. It is real time checking. Don’t worry for both E-mail sending and receiving.

Why must you have Spam report system?

  • Normally, a thought of a spam filtering system is that every E-mail is spams, both your customer’s E-mails and unknown user’s E-mails. This is the reason that why you sometimes do not receive deserved E-mails.
  • According to the first reason, it is possible to happen only 2-3%. However, known user’s E-mail or the customer’s E-mail is agreed on a spam, and you don’t receive it, it will damage you if it is an important customer’s E-mail!
  • For the solution, commonly, when you know from your known people that they already sent the E-mail to you, but it still isn’t appear, you must call up a hosting provider, the hosting provider will set that E-mail account in order to disagree on a spam, then you can receive E-mail from E-mail account. It wastes time and damages your business unlikelinessly.

But our spam report system can solve this problem, you must not call up when you don’t receive the E-mail because we have spam daily report which you can check some remain known people’s E-mails and also can release them to your inbox.

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