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How Cloud Server meets your business needs?

Cloud Server is a collaboration of many servers. The processing layer is separated from the storage layer. It is a common practice for many servers to work well. Even though there is some damage on the server, it will not affect the use of the customer because the system will switch to another server automatically. That means the security of your organization's data.
If you use a normal server when there is the damage or crash on your server, you will have to wait for the technician to complete the repair. But if you use the Cloud Server when there is the damage or crash on your server the system will move to work in the new server immediately. You do not have to wait for repair. Your website will be able to work without interruption. Cloud Technology is a technology of the future. It will have a great role in business. So, any businesses that can seize the opportunity and bring that technology to use, it will be able to create an advantage and the opportunity to push business success.

Build Your Own Cloud Server

Cloud Computing Options

1. Some operating systems impose a cap on the amount of RAM supported. Windows Server may be good for 4 GB or higher.
2. Primary drive includes 25 GB at no additional charge (100 GB option only charged for 75 GB).
3. Additional storage will be mounted as a separate drive from primary storage.

Outstanding features of Custom Cloud Server

  • Can select the number of CPU, RAM, and active area.
  • Ordered easily.
  • Guaranteed 2.0GHz CPU speed (or higher) per CPU cores
  • Can be used within hours of ordering.
  • Charge on a monthly basis.
  • 1000GB Bandwidth is included in the monthly price.
  • SAN-base storage for superior speed.
  • Automatic recovery
  • 24/7 at your service

Discount on long-term contracts (6 months and 12 months)

  • 1. 6 months contract (minimum 20,000 baht / month)

    20,000 to 199,999 discount 10%

    200,000 to 499,999 discount 15%

    500,000 and above discount 20%

  • 2. 12 months contract (minimum 20,000 baht / month)

    Discounted from 6 month contract 2.5%

  • 3. In case of advance payment

    Discount from the discount of 6 months or 12 months contract 2.5%

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