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email marketing
E-mail Marketing or bomb mail is a marketing tool that focuses on customer acquisition and customer retention easily by mailing. In addition to reach target customer exactly, it also can make a large benefit for organizations and business with less investment beside direct mail marketing, and raise more credibility for organizations and business because it can make a first impression to the customers when they receive your mailing as design of templates that is adjustable to your style and requirement.ง

Advantages of E-mail Marketing

A main advantage of E-mail marketing is able to keep customer acquisition and gain new customer by mailing update news to the customer regularly. For this reason, the clients feel that you always give precedence and privilege to them until it becomes to loyalty and assurance. Finally, they will pass along to other people to become your new customer. The subsequence is automatically increased your turnover and raised your better image.

The answer that you should Know about E-Mail Marketing

  • E-Mail Marketing, marketing with E-mail
  • Advantages of E-mail marketing
  • The qualification of E-mail marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing Template
  • E-Mail Marketing Pricing
  • Terms of E-mail marketing service

More special qualification! Of our E-Mail Marketing (Bomb Mail)

  • Able to send every kind of E-mail, all webpage (html), message and other
  • Able to send unlimited E-mail account customer
  • Able to follow and evaluate an E-mail sending thoroughly, it can report that how many sent E-mail is reached to a receiver and how many sent E-mail that the receiver open.
  • Report E-mail sending every time that there is a sending, and also can store the data of sending to be E-mail sending statistic.
  • Beautiful and attractive pattern to an E-mail receiver.
  • Only show one name of although it is a group sending that shows interestโ€™s sender to the receiver.
  • The unsubscribe system for the customers who doesnt receive an information and wants to cancel E-mail receiving by not sending the information to the E-mail again
  • Register system for respond storage of E-mail marketing as a seminar.

Template / E-Mail Marketing (Bomb Mail)

E-mail template design service for beautiful and credible template, and proper to your business by our professional team, Only 9,500 บาท Only

Terms of e-mail marketing template service

  • Our company will design two patterns of E-mail marketing template for you.
  • You are able to edit the template not over two times.
  • Period of design is not over 3 days (after there already has had an agreement on two times edit, following giving some information of the customer)
  • There is no money back guarantee soever.

Pricing / E-Mail Marketing service (Bomb Mail)

*** This cost is not included VAT.

Terms of e-mail marketing template service

  • You must send your customer E-mail (must be a positive E-mail) via File Excel. When we receive it, we will send an E-mail to you. Moreover, we also have E-mail sending report service for you, such as, how many people has already opened your E-mail or who has not opened your E-mail?, etc. Beside, you can check our workflow with the username and password that we give to you.
  • Our company will be able to cancel the service if we catch that the customer sends a spam E-mail or an unaccessible E-mail (Spam examination of E-mail customer is rely on the company discretion.)
  • After the company already has sent our information to the customer, the company will delete it suddenly, the company will not store it for a customer confidentiality.
  • There is no money back guarantee soever.
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