Mobile Application develop service for mobile phone and mobile equipment every system.

mobile application
Mobile Application Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited we are one of leading providers in Thailand on an application development for mobile phone and mobile equipment both IOS and Android system which is supportable every requirement of your customer and executive, and every business size. Mobile Application is one of quality service of Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited that develop applications on mobile equipment such as smart phone, iPad, iPhone and Android including presentation multimedia in order to boost more presentation efficiency and impression. In addition of the developing of system for organization such as sale kid, stock control, reservation system, real estate visualization, e-learning, map locator. Moreover, for administration, it can browse daily sale report, advance of project including orders, remain and other following to your requirement conveniently everywhere and there is Back Office system which you are easy to add and manage data. Therefore, Mobile Application service is proper to businesses at present very much because it can reinforce information competition and advantage efficiently and powerfully.

Mobile Application

It is suitable for business and organization that wants to focus new generation customer and extend service via mobile, it is easy and usable everywhere and every time. For example, Mobile Application for Tourism, it is proper to tourism, hotel and tour agency because it can browse an information and hotel reservation, and download free application and trade via network and payment gateway conveniently and quickly. Tendency of application consumption in the future is higher because mobile phone users are enjoyable with many activities on applications such as payment, transfer, following news, chatting via internet, social media, and search service easily and quickly. For this way, businesses and organizations have serious application service competition for support customer’s requirement and excellent business growth and benefits.

We are ready to Mobile Application services following are :

  • Games : games development
  • In-App Purchase : trading application
  • Mobile Search : searching via communication devices
  • Mobile Browsing : website service via mobile phone
  • Location-Based Services (LBS) : a service that is based on geographical location
  • MobilePayment : payment via mobile phone
  • Mobile Advertising : advertisement via mobile phone
  • Mobile Instant Messaging : message or photo mailing
  • Near Field CommunicationServices:NFC : short signal linking and file transfer protocol

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