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Privacy of Personal Information

Privacy of Personal Information of is written in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (the “PDPA”). is a website that provides services on information and order of products and online services for individuals and commercial companies. This website is owned by Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited (the “Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”), a service provider for web hosting and domain name registration, including web template, web design and development, and online marketing. We have always been realizing the importance of personal information and respecting the personal right of all service users.

You may use the website to browse for information and search for products or services provided by the Company without disclosure of personal information or any information related to you. However, in the event that you require to use the service or access to some information i.e., order product and online services, you shall comply with the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy as specified on the website In order to use the services and access to the information appropriately further, we may require you to significantly disclose or provide your personal information such as identification card number, phone number, e-mail or address, etc.

Additionally, by using the services on the website, you agreed to accept and bind to the terms and conditions specified in this Privacy Policy with all the rights. In the event that you do not consent to be bound or complied with this Privacy Policy, you may stop using services and leave the website

Information owned as Right or Property by Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited

Information on has been established by Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited with the purpose of providing information only. All information including texts and pictures listed on is protected under the Copyright Law and other related Intellectual Property laws. You may not publish, refer to, copy, reproduce or modify the information partially or completely or in any other way without written consent from the website Illustrations, photographs, graphics, and any information appearing on the website, are the exclusive property of Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited, or rights of Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited, legally permitted by the copyright owners. Written consent by Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited shall be provided in order to use the images (illustrations, photographs, graphics, etc.) from

Information Collection

The details of personal information that has collected “Personal Information” means any identified or identifiable information about you. Your Personal Information shall be categorized and collected to use according to the scope of services. We shall collect Personal Information in case of necessity with relation to the purpose of the website and benefits under the laws only. Furthermore, we shall collect information which may include your information on as follows;

  1. Information provided by you to for registration or subscription for receiving the services, including e-mail notification and/ or newsletter.
    1. Name – Surname
    2. Company’s Name (In case applying with the Company’s name)
    3. Identification Number (In case requesting for domain name registration under domain name .th)
    4. Phone number
    5. E-mail address
    6. Address
    7. Social Media Account
    8. Transaction Information
    9. Tax Invoice Information
    10. Order and Payment Details
    11. Password/ Confirm Password
    12. Website Category
    13. Domain Name/ Website Name
  2. Information of your computer and browsing history. Information on your browser will be recognized and recorded automatically on the website and server, i.e.,
    1. IP Address of your computer, type of browser used, reference on the duration of the site visit, and numbers of pages visited.
    2. Type of your Web Browser
    3. Duration of website visit including products, service, or information you search, time visit, and other statistic data
    4. Web page you access before entering our website
    5. Pages you visit on the website
    6. Number of the web page you visit
    7. Cookie
  3. Contact information including the purchase of products and services, problem inquiries, comments, reviews, or suggestions. We will preserve your information according to the duration stipulated by the relevant laws, or, according to the necessary and appropriate period for the purpose of information collection or service

Purpose of Collection, Processing, and Disclosure of your Information

We reserve the right to use, disclose, or transfer your Personal Information provided to us to third parties. The act shall be proceed based on your interest in using our service and management of the website only, which means including;

  1. To help verify identification on your first register for using services (Register).
  2. To help login into the membership system on your next visit (Log in).
  3. To enable the website.
  4. To comply with your purchase of products or services via, including payment of products or services.
  5. To use for delivery of information on the hosting system, domain name, and web template.
  6. To use for customer service, general inquiries, order of products and services.
  7. To use for checking the details on the order of products and services.
  8. To use for creating a report on the order of product and services and VAT report.
  9. To use for news notification of products and services including privileges, rewards, and promotions on You can access to information, news, and promotions available on conveniently.
  10. To use for development and improvement in terms of marketing products and services on in order to meet the highest demands of users.
  11. To utilize for understanding and analysis of sales information to meet the demands including the preference of customers using the product and services.
  12. To use for processing information in the organization.
  13. To use for processing information in the organization and other research.
  14. To use for disclosure of information as required by legal procedures or judicial order or sectors in authority.
  15. To disclose information in order to protect the rights of the Company and third parties under the laws.

Personal Information Collection

We shall collect your Personal Information on in the event that;

  1. You subscribe, purchase products and services in a form of trial and payment.
  2. You apply to register domain name in all surnames including .com/ .net/., etc.
  3. You fill in the expression of interest form including report user problems, etc. to


Cookies shall be sent to your web browser or other devices while entering to the website or viewing messages. Cookies will be used to track and recognize your browser or devices. Cookies will help you more convenient website visit. In any case, you may set your browser not to accept Cookies. However, rejecting Cookies may cause limited ability to use some or all of the features or areas of

Third Parties connected with the Website

Our website,, may collect the links or connections to other websites owned by third parties with the purpose of visiting the website conveniently only. Other websites may collect your Personal Information without us being involved and responsible for such information collection or providing the Privacy Policy of those websites at all. For this reason, we recommend that you examine and read through the Privacy Policy of these websites carefully before browsing their websites further.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend, revise or rectify this Privacy Policy from all the times as deemed appropriate without prior notice. At all events, we shall notify such amendment, revision, or rectification on, which you may check anytime.

Collection and Protection of your Personal Information

Personal Information shall be accessed and processed by or permitted service providers only. Any Personal Information provided by you shall be preserved by our organization as long as needed to achieve the purposes mentioned above, or, according to the duration stipulated by the laws and regulations of account and/ or in order to primarily protect our interest. In any events, collection of any Personal Information is considered unnecessary according to the specified purposes, such Personal Information shall be deleted or erased.

Security of your Personal Information

We, Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited, certify that all information collected shall be preserved safely and strictly according to security standards. In case any occurrences cause the reason to believe that your personal information is violated or any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our Customer Service tel. 02-187-0187.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We guarantee that we will not use your Personal Information collected by us to publish or sell to unaffiliated third parties, unless the following;

  1. We obtain your consent of approval.
  2. Some information shall be required for the legal purpose in order to achieve the explicit goal legally.

Request for Rectification, Suspension, or Withdrawal of your Personal Information

You may inform us on for an update in case of any rectification of your Personal Information. After the update is completed, we will collect and protect your Personal Information as an information provider in accordance with the regulations for your safety and interest mainly.

You may withdraw consent to collect, use, and discloser of your Personal Information at all times by contacting us at, phone call, or e-mail to our Customer Service as details provided.

Contact Information

For any questions, suggestions, or requests for additional details about this Privacy Policy notice or request to use your right, please contact us.

Customer Service

Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited Address: 3312/33-34 Lat Phrao 101 Rd, Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240

Tel. 02-187-0187

Fax 02-187-0188

Hotline: 086-700-4000


Customer Service:



  • confirm that I have read, understood, and agreed to give my consent to Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited (the “Company”) to process my Personal Information as provided above according to the Privacy Policy of the Company. Additionally, I agreed that Company to collect, use and disclose, or process my Personal Information with the purposes of analysis and procession in order to improve products and services.
  • hereby give my consent to the Company to send information on the products, services, and other promotions to all contact channels. In case that I choose not to consent to the Company, I understood that this may has an effect on purchasing of products, receiving services, and information on promotions from the Company. However, I understood that I will be able to inform the changes of consent details by contacting the Company via phone call or sending an e-mail to customer service of the Company. The Company shall use my information with respect to the right. Additionally, I acknowledged that I will be able to search for more information about the Privacy Policy of the Company by visiting the website or other websites of the Company.
  • acknowledged my right as an information owner under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, including the purposes of processing and discloser, delivering, or transfer of my information to any other third parties by the Company.
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