Privacy Policy for End User


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Privacy Policy for End User

Chaiyo Hosting Company (“The company”) has the privacy policy for every end user in order to make the reliability, we ask for inform it as follows:

1.) A private data of an end user

  1. All private data that you give to us or it is processed with our computer, you have accepted and agreed that it is our authority and ownership. We will try our best to protect your private data.
  2. The company has private data security and confidentiality system which is based on standard for internet banking, the data will be protected with SSL system which is one of international standard encryption system and most up-to-date now. For security of the private data, the end user should follow to rules and terms of service and website seriously.
  3. In case of your damage which is come from the private data loss or damage or any causes that are including but do not limiting to hacking, force majeur or any cases .The company will reserve the right by refusing these all responsibilities and must not be responsible to all losses or damages.
  4. The end user consent that will not do anything which is illegal and/or contrary to public morality by not posting and sending website content including not uploading message, picture and motion that is impolite, unsuitable and sarcastic which cause to any conflicts and false facts, and the end user will not spread message and picture which is illegal and/or contrary to public morality or other executions which may cause to the company’s loss or damage and/or a stranger. If there is a sale or service which is violation to the law following to this paragraph or the company has a reason of some notice that that data is false or incorrect, the company will reserve the right by cancelling the website, not have notification and must not be responsible to all damages.

2.) A private right for an end user

The company has policy of private right for our clients, the company will not check or edit the data, except the company believes that that execution needs to do for

  1. Follow to due process.
  2. Protect and preserve the company’s right or property.
  3. Enforce following to the company’s terms of the service.
  4. Protect the other clients' interests.

3.) No agent, partnership or legal relation

The company doesn’t have any agent, partnership or legal relation with any other organization, shop, company or person. The company asks for inform that if any other people inform some information or tell to do some execution that is excluding to information which is appeared on the company’s website, if there is some damages for the end user or the stranger, the company will has no any right, responsibility and/or legal obligation in any cases with other company, information owner, end user, website member and stranger.

4.) Legal right

Content and any parts of the company’s website are legally protected by the company’s law. If any people copy, counterfeit, duplicate, modify, publicize or any other execution for trading or any other exploitation that is not permitted from the company, the company will has a legal action to the violator immediately.

5.) Privacy policy improvement

We may improve a policy of private data protection for the end user which is not has a notification in order that suitability and efficiency of service. For this way, the company asks the end user to read a policy of private data protection for the end user every time that use a service.

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