Classic Hosting Linux Running on Cloud Server "High Performance Works seamlessly, without interruption."

classic linux

Classic Hosting Linux

With OS Linux Operating System is suitable for those who has experienced on Web design and want the best quality functions to support working of Ajax, CGI, Dreamweaver, Java Script, Flash, Mod_ReWrite, HTML, PHP, Perl, WAP (.WML) and XML, able to manage through Plesk Control Panel as well as support for open source.

Classic Hosting Linux Premium Solutions for Business Today!

Boost your business management high efficiently.

Separated service system increases more speed up and better uptime. For example, if one service system is unavailable, the others service system absolutely have no effect.

Link all databases

Allows your organization able to access and store all configuration databases in Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL easily. It also improves flexibility as it is convenient to use, convenient and fast.


Protect your website from viruses in real time that can scan and remove all viruses in incoming mail or outgoing mail including infected files.

Data Security

Trust on data security measure with efficient Firewall.

Nonstop customer service

We service daily, our clients can contact our staffs all 24/7, no holiday.

ajax html5
parallelsParallel Plesk Control Panel Linux Controls and Manages the Newest Parallel Plesk Control Panel with precision safe and easy to use. It helps to manage the website, database system and email quickly and securely.




Deploy and manage new software products from Docker containers quickly and reliably


Integration with GitHub and Bitbucket to deploy apps and websites, from both local and remote Git repositories
wordPress toolkit

WordPress Toolkit

Automatically secure and mass-manage all WordPress instances, plugins and themes with one powerful tool


Easily deploy apps in Ruby on Rails or Sinatra frameworks


Deploy, config and manage all your Node.js apps and more


Full protection for DNS data of hosted domains following the Domain Name System Security Extensions protocol
multi server

Multi Server

Centralized control over multiple accounts and subscriptions distributed across several Plesk servers


Forward server notifications to your Slack channels and stay up to date

Classic Web Hosting Why our web hosting service is better than others?

classic hosting

100% Real Web Hosting

Our server is a real server, not impersonating a PC as a server like other service providers.
best service

The leader of the best web hosting provider

Our expert web hosting staffs always take care of the customer and we are ready at your service daily, 24 hours at hotline tel. 086-700-4000.

The highest satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee on client’s satisfaction. We are pleased to full pay back on 30 days, if you dissatisfy at our service. Start on the first day that you get the service.

CMMI Level 3

Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited focuses on customer satisfaction very much. The company is the first company in Thailand which has been qualified in CMMI-DEV Level 3 in 2012.

ISO/IEC 29110

Be qualified on the software development following to ISO/IEC 29110 no. TH/IF/29110/00032/2012 software engineering standard.

มาตรฐาน ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSMS)

Have been certified standards of IT services ITSMS No.TH/8724.

Services Level Agreement

More confident in efficiency of web hosting with quality assurance that there is not less than 99.9% Uptime.
hosting setting

Accessible hosting management

Our Control Panel is easy accessible that there is Thai and English options, according to clients™ requirement.

Separated server working

Our Web Hosting is obviously separated in Web Server, Database Server and Mail Server. All three servers will not co-work in one server.
speed internet

High speed internet

Data Center is located on ISSP, Pacific Internet and KSC, building of Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT) which are linked to Internet Backbone that have 20 Gbps.

Backup System

Do not worry about losing websites by Daily Backup system. It is sure that data will be appeared and users can access all the times.

SEO Supporting

Support SEO by on paging your website following to SEO and URL Friendly’s principle for the good rank of your website on search engine.
antispam antivirus

Don’t worry about Spam & Virus

Our double Spam and Virus Filtering can eliminate 99.99% Spam and Virus for your smooth data management Look a picture of Spam Filtering here

Unlimited number of E-mail users

All your selected hosting packages can unlimited amount of e-mail users, support organization’s expansion and set working area for each e-mail.

Trust on copyright software

Software of Chaiyo Hosting is all copyright software. You can trust on our software.

Classic Hosting Linux Packages

Classic Linux 1 2,000 Baht/Year

Space 1 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer 100 GB

Limited 1 Websites

Classic Linux 2 3,000 Baht/Year

Space 2 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer 100 GB

Limited 1 Websites

Classic Linux 3 4,000 Baht/Year

Space 3 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer 200 GB

Limited 1 Websites

Classic Linux 4 5,000 Baht/Year

Space 4 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer 200 GB

Limited 1 Websites

Classic Linux 5 6,000 Baht/Year

Space 5 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer 300 GB

Limited 1 Websites

Classic Linux 6 7,000 Baht/Year

Space 10 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer 300 GB

Limited 1 Websites

Classic Linux 7 8,000 Baht/Year

Space 20 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer Unlimited

Limited 1 Websites

Classic Linux 8 13,500 Baht/Year

Space 50 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer Unlimited

Limited 2 Websites

Classic Linux 9 18,000 Baht/Year

Space 100 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer Unlimited

Limited 5 Websites

Classic Linux 10 30,000 Baht/Year

Space 250 GB

Unlimited MySQL

Data transfer Unlimited

Limited 10 Websites

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