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Cloud Windows

Start price 2,500 Baht/Year
  • There is no server and web hosting problem with Window server 2012 r2 operating system that is run on Cloud server, update technology of CITRIX which supports every language such as HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, C#, VB.NET, WML and XML and support MS Access, MSSQL, MySQL database that can manage via Plesk Control Panel easily
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Cloud Linux

Start price 1,500 Baht/Year
  • Regarding to the integration of Cloud server,update technology of Citrix and Cloud Linux server operating system, that is qualified to protect one website's problem to impact on other websites in the same server, that server is more stable than common OS Linux. It is suitable for a person who is experienced on web design and wants the best quality function
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Cloud Tomcat

Start price 1,200 Baht/Year
  • Cloud Tomcat Hosting Cloud Tomcat Hosting is run on Cloud server, update technology of Citrix. The important prominent feature of JSP Web Hosting is to fully work on JSP and Java Servlet. Therefore, your website is developed with JSP or Java, we suggest that you should select our Cloud Tomcat hosting.
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Cloud MongoDB

Start price 5,600 Baht/Year
  • MongoDB is NoSQL Database, the data structure is different from general database. The advantage of MongoDB is the performance to write the data faster than general database. In the working type that especially write more data such as collect log always in real-time and huge data so using MongoDB is better choice.
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Start price 5,600 Baht/Year
  • Cloud MSSQL 2012 HostingCloud MSSQL 2012 Hosting which is run on Cloud server, the update technology of Citrix. It helps you to have outclassed, prompt and complete data management and access that is taken to make and extent new solution for your business opportunity including mighty data analysis.
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Cloud MySQL

Start price 5,600 Baht/Year
  • Cloud MySQL Hosting Cloud MySQL Hosting that is run on Cloud server with updated of technology of Citrix. It is invented and developed for support large database management. There are more new functions that facilitate to users all the time including continuous improvement, speed of working.
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Cloud Hosting Why our web hosting service is better than others?

Cloud Hosting 100%

With Cloud Computing Technology, There will be not server and web hosting problem anymore with Cloud Computing Technology of CITRIX

The leader of the best web hosting provider

Our expert web hosting staffs always take care of the customer and we are ready at your service daily, 24 hours at hotline tel. 086-700-4000.

The highest satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee on client’s satisfaction. We are pleased to full pay back on 30 days, if you dissatisfy at our service. Start on the first day that you get the service.

CMMI-DEV Level 3 standard

Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited focuses on customer satisfaction very much. The company is the first company in Thailand which has been qualified in CMMI-DEV Level 3 in 2012.

ISO/IEC 29110 standard

Be qualified on the software development following to ISO/IEC 29110 no. TH/IF/29110/00032/2012 software engineering standard.

Standard ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSMS)

Have been certified standards of IT services ITSMS No.TH/8724

Services Level Agreement

More confident in efficiency of web hosting with quality assurance that there is not less than 99.9% Uptime.

Accessible hosting management

Our Control Panel is easy accessible that there is Thai and English options, according to client's requirement.

Separated server working

Our Web Hosting is obviously separated in Web Server, Database Server and Mail Server. All three servers will not co-work in one server.

High speed internet

Data Center is located on ISSP, Pacific Internet and KSC, building of Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT) which are linked to Internet Backbone that have 20 Gbps.

Backup System

Do not worry about losing websites by Daily Backup system. It is sure that data will be appeared and users can access all the times.

SEO Supporting

Support SEO by on paging your website following to SEO and URL Friendly’s principle for the good rank of your website on search engine.

Don’t worry about Spam & Virus

Our double Spam and Virus Filtering can eliminate 99.99% Spam and Virus for your smooth data management.Look a picture of Spam Filtering here

Unlimited number of E-mail users

All your selected hosting packages can unlimited amount of e-mail users, support organization’s expansion and set working area for each e-mail.

Trust on copyright software

Software of Chaiyo Hosting is all copyright software. You can trust on our software.
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