Cloud Services


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual server in the type of Cloud VPS server Service or virtual dedicated Server (VDS), or is briefly called that a server or VPS hosting. It is modeling working of one server to become working of many dedicated servers within the same server with Linux and Windows operation system.

Cloud Server

cloud server

Cloud Server is usage by linking many Server to work at the same time, then becomes a huge process data which Cloud Server will process data according to its workflow to finish. If one computer has error, one of the others will act for it to finish data processing.

Why do you select a virtual server of VPS Server Service?

  • Its cost saves more than a dedicated server but its management system is same as the dedicated server. The common difference of them is Virtual Private Server (VPS) is allocated of one server to many virtual private servers (VPSs), as for dedicated server, all resources of servers are not allocated to other people. But for our Virtual Private Server (VPS) is consisted of fully efficient and fair resource allocation for every server user following own plan.
  • It is more reliable and cheaper than colocation service, and we also use servers of Dell Power Edge which is high quality version that there only is rate of downing time at 0.01%!
  • You are manageable the usability such as Remote Desktop (RDP) or SSH by yourself.
  • You are installable programs, edit, open, close ports and change software configurations by yourself.

Cloud Technologyis consisted of 3 parts following by their usage :

1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is basic structural services on hardware, storage, network and security system on virtualization that you can have dynamic resources allocation such as increase and decrease in CPU, hard disk, and RAM of visual server size. Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited has laaS service that is cloud server for cloud server renting.
2. Platform as a service (PaaS) is platform service for support hardware, operating system, database system and application working that the clients can adjust to their own working and can be manageable.
3. Software as a service (SaaS) is software service for users on website, the users must not buy software package and computer in order to install such as web hosting ready web, e-mail and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

คุณสมบัติที่โดดเด่นของ Custom Cloud Server

  • You can choose the number of CPU, RAM, and space applications.
  • Ordered easily.
  • Guaranteed 2.0GHz CPU speed (or higher) per CPU cores
  • Can be used within hours of ordering.
  • Charge on a monthly.
  • 1000GB Bandwidth is included in the monthly price.
  • SAN-base Storage for speed.
  • Automatic recovery
  • Service 24/7
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