Classic Hosting

A service that will allow visitors to browse your web site more easily and more securely. It also helps you to manage the content on your site in a powerful and reliable way. Whether it's downloading, browsing, and updating information with minimal time. Moreover it is suitable for businesses that are always competitive in information.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the use of Cloud Technology in the manner of bringing multiple servers to connecting to each other to work simultaneously. This is a larger processing. It looks like a cloud with steam. So, the operation of this type of Hosting is called Cloud Hosting. When it is processed, Cloud Hosting will help to complete the process.

The Function of Web Hosting

Normally the server will be used only one server. There are different performances of servers. It depends on the service provider. In some web hosting providers that offer cheap web hosting services, they will compress the website on a single server machine in large amount to make up for the cost. Regardless of the potential disadvantage of the customer, therefore, the chances that one site has a problem will also increase the likelihood of Server Down. When there is a problem with the hardware, the server will not work. This will affect to the website. The website might crash or cannot wok. When common Web Hosting has problem with the server, the problem will be solved by switching to a new device. It takes at least 4 hours depending on the server warranty. If the device is an older version, the spare parts to be replaced will hard to find. It may take several days or a week to complete the order. This may cause you to miss out on business opportunities through the website.

The function of Cloud Hosting

Bringing servers with high performance and features connected to Server Farm which is used for storage server, using for store data. The server will only perform the processing. If one of the servers has problem, other servers will automatically replace it. So the website can continue to operate without the site crashing. The system will not fail with High Availability (HA) technology. When Hardware or Operating System failures will start the HA process immediately and the system automatically restarts Virtual Machine. So, the system can continue to provide services effectively. Which is ability to work together when one system error. 24 x 7 monitor Virtual Machine and Restart Virtual Machine to another node to reduce the downtime of the Virtual Machine or Application (Service).
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