Start price 350 bath/year
  • Cloud Hosting 100%
    The satisfaction guarantee
    pay back on 30 days
    SSL Certificate Free


Start price 1,500 bath/year
  • WordPress Supports
    Easy Setup
    Automatic Update
    SSL Certificate Free


Start price 1,500 bath/year
  • Anti Spam Mail 99.99%
    Anti Virus 99.99%
    Uses by Outlook SMTP
    and POP3, IMAP


Start price 2,500 bath/year
  • Select CPU, RAM
    And Spaces
    Manage yourself
    Remote Desktop , SSH

SSL Certificates

Start price 1,200 bath/year
  • Security system and
    Increase credibility
    to the website
    Increase RankingsSEO
web hosting


Our Web Hosting is divided into Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting operating systems. Hosting Services and Cloud Web Hosting Services 100% Cloud Service Highest Quality Host “High speed, not crashing” With Citrix XenServer's Cloud Computing Technology. It can widespread on load and traffic automatically, Guaranteed quality 24-hour hosting service.
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wordpress hosting


Hosting is designed to support the use of WordPress, especially with the Linux operating system running on Cloud Server. CITRIX's cutting-edge technology, which WordPress is a program for creating a popular CMS (Contents Management System) website. Much of WordPress is Open Source.
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domain name

Domain Name

Domain Name Free Domain Name Service Domain Name Registration Domain Name Management Quick to name the domain name because the name can not be duplicated. We offer domain name service. Domain name registration 24 hours.
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email hosting

Cloud E-Mail Hosting

Cloud E-Mail Hosting High efficient mail hosting service on Cloud that is run on server, update technology of Citrix. There is no problem of E-mail sending anymore, you can access your E-mail everywhere and every time, you only link internet for domestic or international E-mail sending with 99.99% Spam Mail and Virus protection system.
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cloud hosting

Cloud Server

Cloud Server is usage by linking many Server to work at the same time, then becomes a huge process data which Cloud Server will process data according to its workflow to finish. If one computer has error, one of the others will act for it to finish data processing.
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ssl certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates Secure Socket Layer Protocol is a secure web-based data security solution. It is suitable for E-Commerce websites (online merchants) that offer credit card payments, financial banking websites, Login Username & Password such as Web E-Mail, Intranet, Web with sensitive information, confidential information that need for high security or the use within the organization.
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Cloud Hosting Why our web hosting service is better than others?

cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting 100%

With Cloud Computing Technology, There will be not server and web hosting problem anymore with Cloud Computing Technology of CITRIX
best service

The leader of the best web hosting provider

Our expert web hosting staffs always take care of the customer and we are ready at your service daily, 24 hours at hotline tel. 086-700-4000.

The highest satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee on client’s satisfaction. We are pleased to full pay back on 30 days, if you dissatisfy at our service. Start on the first day that you get the service.

CMMI-DEV Level 3 standard

Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited focuses on customer satisfaction very much. The company is the first company in Thailand which has been qualified in CMMI-DEV Level 3 in 2012.

ISO/IEC 29110 standard

Be qualified on the software development following to ISO/IEC 29110 no. TH/IF/29110/00032/2012 software engineering standard.

Standard ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSMS)

Have been certified standards of IT services ITSMS No.TH/8724

Services Level Agreement

More confident in efficiency of web hosting with quality assurance that there is not less than 99.9% Uptime.
web hosting setting

Accessible hosting management

Our Control Panel is easy accessible that there is Thai and English options, according to clients™ requirement.

Separated server working

Our Web Hosting is obviously separated in Web Server, Database Server and Mail Server. All three servers will not co-work in one server.
speed internet

High speed internet

Data Center is located on ISSP, Pacific Internet and KSC, building of Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT) which are linked to Internet Backbone that have 20 Gbps.

Backup System

Do not worry about losing websites by Daily Backup system. It is sure that data will be appeared and users can access all the times.

SEO Supporting

Support SEO by on paging your website following to SEO and URL Friendly’s principle for the good rank of your website on search engine.
antispam antivirus

Don’t worry about Spam & Virus

Our double Spam and Virus Filtering can eliminate 99.99% Spam and Virus for your smooth data management. Look a picture of Spam Filtering here

Unlimited number of E-mail users

All your selected hosting packages can unlimited amount of e-mail users, support organization’s expansion and set working area for each e-mail.

Trust on copyright software

Software of Chaiyo Hosting is all copyright software. You can trust on our software.

A world of Agility through Extensions



Deploy and manage new software products from Docker containers quickly and reliably


Integration with GitHub and Bitbucket to deploy apps and websites, from both local and remote Git repositories
wordrpess toolkit

WordPress Toolkit

Automatically secure and mass-manage all WordPress instances, plugins and themes with one powerful tool
ruby manager


Easily deploy apps in Ruby on Rails or Sinatra frameworks


Deploy, config and manage all your Node.js apps and more

Multi Server

Centralized control over multiple accounts and subscriptions distributed across several Plesk servers


  • How necessary to choose a hosting service that has ISO standards?

    It is necessary for the service users to be confident that they will receive good service from the hosting service providers because they have the ISO standard. For the service providers who have passed the ISO evaluation, they are guaranteed to be ready. In the service that will support the hosting of users

  • Chaiyo Hosting, good?

    Chaiyo Hosting is a good hosting service provider because it is a service provider with specific experience in hosting services. It has been certified by ISO / IEC 29110 and ISO / IEC 20000 (ITSMS), allowing customers to be confident in their work standards and service. It is also a service provider that has a professional team with knowledge and ability. Ready to take care and provide customer service 24/7.

  • Which Domain Extensions are the most popular?

    Most Domain names with the .com extension are the most registered domain name because most people are familiar with, easy to remember, and widely used. is short for "commercial" which means trading company, organization, suitable for commercial business groups.Therefore, there is a greater number of domain name registrations than other dot extensions. In addition, there are other more popular domain extensions such as .net,, .info, .org, .biz, etc.

  • Is there a 24/7 support? Which channels can be contacted?

    Knowledgeable staff Expertise in Web Hosting, ready to provide customer support service 24 hours a day, every day, including public holidays. Customers can contact us via phone 02-187-0187 hotline 086-700-4000, email Or through the Chat channel on our website at any time

Our Client Web Hosting

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

    SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

  • บริษัท นครหลวง แคปปิตอล จำกัด (มหาชน)

    Nakhonluang Capital Public Company Limited

  • Black Canyon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    Black Canyon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • บริษัท อิชิตัน กรุ๊ป จำกัด (มหาชน)

    Ichitan Group

  • สบู่รักษาสิว ดร.สมชาย

    Dr. Somchai

  • Eastin Bangkok Hotel

    Eastin Bangkok Hotel

  • บริษัท จระเข้ คอร์ปอเชั่น จำกัด

    Jorakay corporation co.,ltd

  • บริษัท เอ็กแซ็กท์ จำกัด

    Exact Co., Ltd.

  • บริษัท ตรีเพชรอีซูซุลิสซิ่ง จำกัด


  • เจ.เจ.มอลล์


  • ลลิล พร็อพเพอร์ตี้

    Lalin Property PCL.

  • น้ำพริกเผาแม่ประนอม

    Maepranom Thai Chili Paste Co., Ltd.

  • บริษัท คาราบาวตะวันแดง จำกัด


  • โออิชิ กรุ๊ป

    Oishi Group Co., Ltd.

  • บริษัท พฤกษาสกินแคร์ จำกัด


  • บริษัท พฤกษาคลินิก โฮลดิ้ง จำกัด

    Pruksa Clinic



  • บริษัท ออตโต้ คิงส์กลาส จำกัด

    OTTO King Glass

  • สตาร์ทพลัส

    Start Plus

  • บริษัท ซีเนรีโอ จำกัด

    Scenario Co.,Ltd.

  • Super Rich (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

    Super Rich (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

  • ไทยซัมซุง ประกันชีวิต

  • โรงเบียร์เยอรมันตะวันแดง

    Tawandang German Brewery

  • Useful Food Co., LTD.

    Useful Food Co., LTD.

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